Creating AdobeReader .mst Package

Create Adobe Reader mst package

  1. Obtain Adobe Reader by accessing adobe FTP:
  2. Download .msi of desired language mutation of Adobe Reader
  3. Download Adobe Customization Wizard from Adobe
  4. Install & Run Adobe Customization Wizard
  5. Open .msi and set everything
  6. Generate .mst package and save .msi file

If you encounter problem with missing setup.ini file, download .exe file of installer as well and extract by running: “<<path_to_exe>>\<<name>>.exe” -nos_o”<<output dir>>”-nos_ne. Now copy ini file to the directory with .msi, save .msi and .mst. Copy .msi and .mst to the shared folder. Ini file is no longer necessary.

UPDATE – 5.2.2014

Extract AdobeReader.exe file running: “<<path_to_exe>>\<>.exe” -nos_ne. In Windows Vista or later it will be extracted to C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Setup\.